Hell Is For Children

Life is shit.
It never changes.

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I was right. I knew you’d slowly stop talking as much. I knew nothing would be fixed. I hate myself more and more and the fact that I let you in again hurts so much. And it hurts even worse knowing that you can walk in and out of my life as often as you please and I will ALWAYS take you back. Always. I love you more than anything in the world and I’ve never needed anything as much as I need you. And you don’t need me at all. You never will.

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— Er Szabo (via smalleri)

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Anonymous said: I dont even know you and I hate you x)

Why do you even bother to message me then? I don’t get why.

Anonymous said: I think its funny that you can look yourself in the mirror and not feel as much hate as everyone else that has to look to you

LOL. You really believe that?



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